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Union Street, Bath Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Bath: Union Street.
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Union Street is a typical street in Bath, wide and straight, lined with golden stone buildings, but with the distinct advantage of being traffic free. Bath in general has a lot of traffic free zones and it makes wandering through the little lanes and wide byways a pleasure. Union Street often has market stalls set up and at Christmas it is really festive, with the overspill from the seasonal markets.

Because it is a main thoroughfare, Union Street can get busy sometimes, but it is a handy place to get your bearings from and there are some good shops along it as well. It is flat and well paved, so if you are visiting Bath with prams or wheelchairs, it makes a really great shopping destination.

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Map of Bath showing the location of Union Street at Latitude 51.382530111813765 / Longitude -2.360652559757227.
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